Friday, 30 September 2011

Target audience profiling

Our typical viewer:

Gender - Male
Age - 14 to 24

Social class - Middle class, they would be educated at least up until A- levels or otherwise further. In their free time they would be interested going out and socialising with others much like them selves.


Music taste: jazz as well as hip hop.

Hobbies: Watching films, listening to music and going on social networking sites.

Our target audience are interested in modern type films however are still open to past production. Other films that they would watch consist things like The Hustler:

Our audience being such a wide range means that we appeal to a lot of people. However, we predict that the bulk of our audience will come from the ages 17-20. Being attracted to hustle type films, our audience will be looking for certain conventional things within the film so this is where research becomes key.

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