Wednesday, 30 November 2011


This is the first draft of the trailer. There are certain things that need changing and other things that we feel can be improved. However, we both feel that the trailer is very affective and uses great sounds from the movie in order to give it a better effect.

Film poster advertised

For Further Advertising, we got our film poster onto local bus stops to make sure our film would get full viewing. Doing this gets our film out into the public for all to see so our target audience can see when our film is coming out.

Film poster

This here is the film poster for our film and it was all created and edited in photoshop, with the use of our own photography. The poster was not originally black and white therefor we had to use our skills in order to create our ideas as much as possible. You may have noticed the red ball standing out of the poster, this was done intentionally to emphasis our meaning behind hustling and to grab the audiences eyes straight away. Not just there to grab attention, but the ball is also there to show off our skills within photoshop. My own personal opinion of the poster is that it was a great success and compared to other existing film posters this really does fit the conventions of a typical film poster.

Film poster Draft

This is a sketch so that we have a basic idea of what we want our film poster to look like after. We found that having this draft before beginning to create the real poster is needed because then we could work around it and add or replace ideas when it comes designing and creating the final piece. Looking at it as a first draft I feel that it was successful, a clear indication of what theme we are going for and great starting point when moving forward to the finished piece. It is important that the poster can portray a message without the use of text because the first thing people look at is the image on a poster and i feel this is the key feature in order to attract my target audience.  

Trailer research

These two trailers were used to analyse the different types of techniques used for a trailer. The reason why these were chosen was because it is like our film as it is to do with hustling and stuff like that. This would help me know what type of music to use and also would improve my skills and creativity of creating a successful trailer. Watching these trailers really helped develop my understanding of the conventions of a trailer.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

First draft of film

The clip above is the fist draft of our film which was created just to show to audience members for them to input some feedback which we can use to make our film better. From this further ideas were thrown out of what we can add to it; we aim to add more transactions and also we want to edit some of the scenes weather that consists of lengthening or shortening the scene. The main type of feed back which was given is that more music is to be added. In doing all of these corrections it would satisfy the audiences needs as to what they expect from our type of genre. Overall the first draft worked but we then came to a conclusion that this needed more work to be done.

Group meeting (ancillary task 2)

For our second Ancillary task, we decided to go on another route of advertising and produce and radio trailer. During our meeting we made a rough draft of a script for our radio trailer with another page of brainstorms for types of music and effects we would have in the trailer, we will aim to use these notes as a guideline for making our film trailer (radio)

Group meeting

After re shooting with our new actors, we found that we were able to get more filming done with a lot more quality footage, this is due to our decision to change our actors. Our new actors were more flexible and helped a lot more with behind the scene issues as well such as setting the scene an getting everything sorted.

Overall our second shoot was so much better, so we got all the filming we had set out to done with no problems, and each scene didn't take so long to film, with the 2 new actors being a good decision by us two.

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Creation of film in progress

Above is a print screen of final cut express showing our progress throughout the project. This consists of sound clips, different scenes and different effects added within the film. The software used is the main part of our editing stage and is consistently used throughout our entire project.

Friday, 25 November 2011

Actor profile

Tomas Noad:
Age: 17
Height: 5 ft 10

Lewis Fincham:
Age: 17
Height: 5 ft 5

Richard Cartwright:
Age: 17
Height: 6 ft 1

Group meeting

After viewing our sample scene and also starting the filming for our final draft, Tom and I got together to discuss the situation of our actors. we came to the conclusion that our current actors (Bill Cooke and Connor Barclay) needed to be changed as they didn't work to our needs and expectations, so decided to get 2 new actors in (Richard Cartwright and Lewis Fincham) that would meet our needs so we could re-shoot our film.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Research and Planning grade: 11/20

To achieve level 4:
  • Ensure your posts are in the right order
  • Nothing should be missing at this stage - poster research and sketches? pitch? Sample scene...?
  • Try to reflect more, describe less

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Group meeting (ancillary task 1)

For our Ancillary task, we desided to make a film poster and a radio trailer for our film, after we had sat down and talked about our poster, we decided to make notes and a first initial draft of our poster, using these ideas and the draft as a guideline for when we come to making our poster