Friday, 30 September 2011

Target audience profiling

Our typical viewer:

Gender - Male
Age - 14 to 24

Social class - Middle class, they would be educated at least up until A- levels or otherwise further. In their free time they would be interested going out and socialising with others much like them selves.


Music taste: jazz as well as hip hop.

Hobbies: Watching films, listening to music and going on social networking sites.

Our target audience are interested in modern type films however are still open to past production. Other films that they would watch consist things like The Hustler:

Our audience being such a wide range means that we appeal to a lot of people. However, we predict that the bulk of our audience will come from the ages 17-20. Being attracted to hustle type films, our audience will be looking for certain conventional things within the film so this is where research becomes key.

Saturday, 24 September 2011

About a Girl Notes

These notes below are of the documentary 'About a Girl'. This is about a young girls who talks about her ambition and dreams in life and how she wants to be a singer. The director in this documentary uses scenery around the actors to help the audience see how they are meant to feel or react. Watching this film enabled me to have different views on how I was going to shot my own film. I also was able to analyse a freeze frame of the film and see what techniques where used to best portray the film successfully.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Smashed Short film

This is a short film we were asked to analyse so that we could look at how the film was shot and how the producer framed everything. We wrote an essay about the sort film to be able to understand the different technical things used with in the film. The essay allowed us to look in the film in more depth and see how the director portrays his message to his target audience. As well as this we also looked at the technical codes and hidden meanings behind them.

Smashed Essay.

Doing my first essay I had to talk about the different techniques the director used in order to portray his message across to the audience. In doing this essay I was able to identify technical codes and see what meanings are encoded. throughout the whole essay I was analysing all the different meanings the director wanted to portray through the setting, characters, use of camera, props, use of lighting and use of sound. Along with technical codes there are signifyers which help the audience understand what the director is wanting to show; for example the director uses a shot of the egg to begin with and the plot of the film is based around pregnancy due to alcohol. The essay bellow is showing all the topics I have analysed and shows how I have concluded each point I have stated.

The notes above are about the film smashed. These notes are what I wrote before writing the essay as it will help me get the structure of the essay before actually writing it up. After I had all the notes I needed I then began to analyse the film within my essay. 

Monday, 5 September 2011

The beginning of A2 Media

This is the FIRST lesson of media for year 13 and if it is anything like AS then I know it will be very successful. In AS I explored many new ideas and developed my thinking in order to create my project. This year I look forward to working with new people and creating a new project. In the end of the year my target is to pass media with a high grade but also to take new ideas and creativeness later on in my future.

This year for media is to create a short film from beginning to end with in the space of 5 minutes. During the course of this project I will need to show all of my ideas developing, from planning to production. Explaining my work as I go along is key as this will help show what was my thinking process behind it and hopefully make it much easier to interpret.  

Welcome Lucien!

Congratulations on your place on the A2 Media course. I look forward to working with you this year and supporting you in achieving your goals.
Mrs Ward