Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Short Films

Short films are created and made by most people who look to get there ideas out there. These films can be created by a lot of people, ranging from amateurs to well known directors. There could be many reasons behind making a short film, one is that it is something which you love and have a passion for and so it is worth clarifying why you have chosen to do this task.
Creating a short film could gain you the experience of pulling together a team to make a story on a film and in gaining the experience this might help you pursue a career and then demonstrate your skills within the short film. Other reasons for making a short film is because of funding and costs, it is very rare for short films to pay in any financial dividends however you may have been asked to work on a production with a budget to pay its crew. Reasons for making a short film should also relate to where the film is going to be shown weather it be your front room or in the cinema or at a festival.

We went to the European Film Festival in Paris this year to see other shorts and independent feature films. It was a chance to find out more about the industry and compare work to ours. We were also able to ask questions after the screenings because the directors were there. The student films were interesting and it was also useful to find out they had got their films shown just by calling the festival organisers and sending in a copy of their work. We didn't know you could do that.

We went to sessions 1,2 and 4 on the Saturday and then an editing workshop on Sunday morning. It was a mix of features, shorts and music videos in each session. The shorts were longer than our films and not all of them had a good story but most of them looked good so the camera and lighting were better quality.

The best student film I saw was probably Wacked! about a man who wants to get out of a mental asylum but he is three people in one. We don't realise this until near the end so the narrative is good. The festival was a good experience to see how people get started in the industry and to give us confidence that we could get our work shown if it we are brave enough to send it to a festival organiser or a site like BBC Film Network or Virgin Shorts.

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